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What is contained in the report?

Analyze the account architecture

We verify if the account is correctly constructed, if the ads correspond to the keywords and these to your landing pages.

We evaluate the level of quality, separation of traffic, architecture. We analyze the extensions of the ads, the number of ads per ad group and many more parameters.

Effectiveness of activities

We analyze how efficiently we obtain traffic, what scope the campaigns have, what cost do we obtain the clicks and what is the proportion of clicks to the visualizations.

We analyze which groups of users talk and verify which keywords, products, campaigns are profitable and which are not.

Why is the audit free?

Most of the Google Ads accounts are poorly managed and, obviously, waste the advertising budget.

Thanks to the audit, we have the opportunity to present directly in your account how much you can improve the effectiveness of your actions.

We consider a free audit as a great channel to build a relationship that can lead to cooperation in order to correct errors, order the management of the account and achieve the expected results of the actions carried out in Google Ads.

20 hours of work by a specialist

We check over 100 parameters

Through AdWords Api, our solutions download key information from your Google Ads account and evaluate it in terms of the most common problems.

Thanks to this, our specialist is able to quickly perform the work that would normally take more than 20 hours

Correct data collection

We analyze the data sources in your Google Ads account


We check if information about conversions is correctly reported

Phones and e-mails

We check if you count conversions made by phones or e-mails

Click tracking

We analyze if tracking codes are installed correctly

Google My Business

If you have stationary establishments, do they display with ads and the extent to which local users find information about your locations

Google Merchant

If you are selling products, we check if the feed is correct, if all parameters are completed and its quality is right

Google Analytics

We combine information about the behavior of users on the site, such as bounce rate or engagement

Analysis of different types of campaigns

We will comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of the channels used

Search campaigns

Keyword selection, match type, number of keywords in the ad group, ad extensions, CTR, positions, impression share, exclusions, quality score, desktop/mobile distribution

Display campaigns

Destinations, location exclusions, lock app ads, prices per click, the use of customers, CTR, efficiency, branding ads

Shopping campaigns

Correct campaign hierarchy, priorities, concentration on SKU advertising, campaigns for brands/categories. Profitability of individual products. Impression share

Youtube campaigns

Involvement of viewers, range, interactions, length of plays, destinations, targeting and remarketing, interests and keywords

It's really worth it!

Most of the accounts analyzed by us have critical errors that lead to spending significant resources on inefficient activities. We are not talking about cosmetic improvement of results by 10%, but about improvement by several hundred percent.

Getting to know our opinion costs nothing, and you can always confront them with other specialists for what we encourage.

Bartosz Ferenc

Chairman |

User characteristics

We evaluate the impact of a user's profile on conversions


We check if any of the gender is characterized by much better effectiveness, and if so, we help to choose the right parameters


Mobile traffic often achieves completely different results than desktops traffic


Maybe not all age groups are equally well responsible for acquiring conversions

Time of day

Some businesses have a strong dependence of effectiveness on the time of day or day of the week


We associate users geolocation with campaign performance, click-through rates, and ad targeting

Earlier visits / Recipient

We analyze if the user was previously on the site and how it was, whether it was correctly qualified

Construction of the campaign

We verify if the account has been created according with the best practices, guaranteeing the effective use of the marketing budget.

Shopping ads - SPAG (SKU)

We verify if the account is correctly divided into product campaigns. If campaign priorities, product groups, and exclusions are configured correctly

With the help of the architecture oriented in a specific product, we can obtain much better results than using a single rate for all the products, brand or category.

Text ads - SKAG

We verify the compatibility of the construction of the account with the architecture of Single Keyword Ad Group, that is, with the method of construction of the account that allows us to obtain better results for text ads in the Search Network

SKAG requires the creation of an ad group and a set of ads for each interesting phrase. What allows us the maximum control over the behavior in the advertising campaigns and the greater efficiency.

Ads on the Search Network

Effectiveness in the acquisition of traffic

The goal of a text campaign is to get as much as possible, of good quality – traffic, at the lowest possible price, which translates into conversions.

Average quality score

The quality score is a parameter that tells you how much more expensive we need to buy the traffic with respect to the campaign with the maximum quality result and how much of this traffic we lose due to bad rating of the campaign by Google.

Impression share

To what percentage of users our ads reach and, as a consequence, how campaigns are involved in the potential number of possible transactions to acquire.

CTR factor

How effectively advertising attracts traffic, or what percentage of users who have seen an ad click on it, and consequently what will be the number of conversions.

Occupied positions

How the positions of keywords change during the day, how the position affects CTR and acquired traffic.

Price per click

We check if the acquired traffic is not bought too expensive, or is not obtained due to the low CPC rate.

Keyword search

We analyze if current keywords are exhausting the potential of Google Ads to generate sales leads.

The effectiveness of sales in the Search Network

ROAS/CPA of keywords

We evaluate the relationship between income and the cost generated by individual phrases or the cost of carrying out an action if the value of the action is unknown.


We verify if the keywords in which the ads are shown are those in which the ads should be displayed.

Long tail

We analyze if the campaigns get the traffic of precise phrases that have a reduced number of impressions, but that generally convert very well.

Shopping Ads

Segmentation of the products

Shopping campaigns only allow you to divide the list of products according to your criteria and establish a rate per click (or CPA/ROAS) for selected ad group. The only segmentation option is to exclude keywords, therefore, lack of diligence in construction leads to a significant drop in efficiency

Suitable products

We verify if the campaign is divided into specific, individual products

Categories / Brands

We evaluate the division of the campaign by manufacturers and brands.

Impression share

We verify if the groups have a satisfactory level of impressions and share of clicks.

Do we get all the conversions?

The effectiveness of Shopping sales

ROAS/CPA of the products

We check what products are sold and which are the ones that generate losses. In most cases, 10% of the budget generates 80% of sales


It depends on the priority and exclusions of which campaign a specific product is shown. A properly constructed account handles general phrases of the campaign with high priority and low cost rate, and detailed phrases with high cost rate and low priority


The only way to successfully target traffic in a Shopping ad is exclusions in general campaigns, so more accurate phrases go to Shopping campaigns with a higher rate but with a lower priority (campaigns with high priority have detailed phrases blocked)

Ads on the Display Network

Recipients and management

Rarely are Campaigns on the Display Network effective. More often they are used as a source of cheap space for remarketing. Other cases in which they are used are campaigns focused on the creation of the image (brand campaigns) and campaigns aimed at very well defined places with a specific product for which there is a demand in a specific group / place.

The use of the recipients

We evaluate if the campaign supports the traffic directed to people who have contact with the site or if it acquires new users.

Destination sites

We verify where the ads are displayed. In the absence of proper configuration, advertisements are usually shown to children in games.

Price per click

Campaigns on the Display Network have an almost unlimited ad space. In general, you should aim for a minimum rate per click.

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